About Paper Crane Life

A Catholic 20-something writing her way through life, learning, and growth.

My name is Mandi and ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved reading, writing, photography, and music, so what could be better than a blog where I talk about all of those things? I hope you enjoy reading my posts, listening to the music I share (find it under the “Music” tab up top!), and checking out my photography (both at the Paper Crane Life Instagram and on my Paper Crane Camera Facebook page!).

What is “JMJ” at the top of every page?

I am Roman Catholic, and as a kid, my school had me write “JMJ” at the top of every page of schoolwork that I did. It signifies “Jesus, Mary, Joseph” and is a small way to add a prayer to everything that is written, or dedicate the piece to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Aleteia has a great short article on it, which you can find here. By adding “JMJ” to the top of every page of my website, I’m dedicating every word of it to God, and I pray that my writing, photography, and everything I share may further the work of God’s grace in the world.

All photos on this site were taken by myself and are my property. Check out Paper Crane Camera on Facebook and Instagram for more!